Homestay Placement and International Students Services

Guidelines for International Students and Visitors


We want you to have the best possible homestay experience. Please spend some time reading over our guidelines and responsibilities which are in place to make your homestay experience an enjoyable one.

  • Always ask questions if you are not sure about something. Your host family wants to help you and they understand that you may just be learning to speak in English.
  • If you want to bring a friend home, please ask the host family in advance. You cannot bring a friend of the opposite sex into your bedroom.
  • Please let the host family know if you will not be at home for a meal.
  • Please telephone the host family if you will be later than expected.
  • Telephone: Find out when you can receive telephone calls and for how long you can keep the host family's telephone busy. You must bring or buy a calling card for long distance calls and ask your host family's permission to use this card.
  • Internet: Students will be allowed access to a reasonable amount of internet usage within the host family home. Students who require more than average internet for downloading/streaming may be required to pay a supplement to the host family for this privilege.
  • Inappropriate use of on-line resources: The access of inappropriate materials within the host family home, such as pornographic, racist and hate content will not be tolerated and may result in student dismissal from the program.
  • Theft: Personal possessions of students and host family members are to be respected at all times. Please note theft will not be tolerated. Students are expected to respect the property of the host family. Student may be charged for any damages incurred.
  • Alcohol/Cannabis: Use is illegal for students under 19 years of age therefor, students are NOT permitted to use either while part of this homestay program.
  • Smoking: Is not permitted by students under the age of 19 years and not permitted inside a host family home.
  • Drugs: Possession of use of drugs is illegal and will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  • Cleanliness: It is your responsibility to keep your own bedroom clean. You can help the family by clearing your plates from the table but you are not expected to do home chores such as babysitting, house cleaning, gardening etc.
  • Bathroom: If you are sharing a bathroom with other family members, please find out when it is the best time to shower and for how long. It is your responsibility to provide your own personal hygiene items (shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste). The host family will supply you with a towel.
  • Laundry: You are required to do your own laundry. Please ask you host family how and when you can wash your clothes.
  • Medical Insurance: You must have medical insurance and show proof to your host family upon arrival.
  • Dial 911 on the telephone in case of EMERGENCY.
  • If you have any concerns that you cannot discuss with your host family, please contact Hospitalite Canada and/or your parents or your guardian as soon as possible.
  • If you accompany your host family on holidays, outings or trips, you must pay for your travel arrangements, admission tickets and personal expenses. The host family will pay for food and accommodation.
  • Canadian multicultural society is what you will experience on a daily basis. We make sure that we accept families that are willing to speak English with the student at all times in order to improve the student's English language skill.
  • As a Muliticultural Country, international students participating in homestay must accept possible differences between their own family and their host family.
  • Examples to be aware of are: the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Women's rights, freedom of speech, environmental protection and animal rights.
  • You are expected to speak English in your homestay at all times with the exception of making long distance phone calls to your family in your country.