Homestay Placement and International Students Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  Where do students come from?
    A:  All over the World!
  • Q:  Why do students come to the Niagara Region?
    A:  Students come to the Niagara Region to attend various different educational institutions in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, both year round and summer. Students also enjoy visiting exciting tourist destinations such as Niagara Falls and Toronto.
  • Q:  What is 'Homestay'?    
    A:  Homestay is a term used to describe a living arrangement where an international or Canadian student is welcomed into a family's home and included in day to day life with the family. Families provide room and board for the student during their stay while including their student in all family activities.
  • Q:  What type of family can participate in a Homestay Program?
    A:  Any family, parent(s) with or without children living at home, singles or couples) who have a sincere interest in helping an international student learn about and live in our culture.
  • Q:  Why open your home to a stranger?
    A:  By welcoming an international student to your home you will help the student to experience life in Canada by being part of your family and participating in your family activities. The student will share with you and your family about what their life is like in their own country.
  • Q:  Why Choose Homestay?
    A:  Homestay will give you a chance to learn a lot about the host culture by being part of a Canadian family, allow you to make new friends and provide you with the safety and comfort you need while away from your home.
  • Q:  Why would a family want to host me?
    A:  Families host for various reasons but most families host because they have a sincere interest in learning about other cultures and helping people adapt to life in Canada.
  • Q:  What is a typical host family like?
    A:  Some host families have their own children at home and other are “empty nesters” and have time and space to open their home to you.
  • Q:   When is the Academic School Year in Ontario??
    A:  The Elementary and High School Year runs from the beginning of September – end of June with the largest break during the last two weeks of December for Christmas Holiday.