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Homestay Application

Please fill-out all aspects of this application. We require all information to be completed to the best of your knowledge. Should you have some missing information, please do not forget to forward missing information, as soon as possible, in an email. Here is Homestay Application, click on the print icon to print this application.

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Do you have a: Student Visa Visitor Visa Resident Visa
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Personal Habits
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I tidy up my own bedroom:  Yes   No   Someone does it for me  
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I usually do my homework:  right after school   after dinner   before going to bed  
What is your personality like ? (outgoing, shy, cheerful, serious, hardwordking, optimistic, independent, quiet, neat,.. etc ):

Do you play any sports ? (Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Ballet, Biking, Dance, Fishing, Fitness, Golf, Hockey, Skating, Horseback Riding,.. etc ):

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Letter to the host family
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Travel Information
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Additional Information
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  Homestay Program Disclaimer
This homestay disclaimer applies to all participants in this homestay program including hosts, applicants, affiliates, students and clients. I/We have read and understood the conditions and guidelines outlined on the Hospitalité Canada Ltd. website and it's applications.

I/We understand that Hospitalité Canada Ltd. including all company services, executives, employees and websites are acting as independent agents who are not guaranteeing the quality of the relationship between the homestay student and the host family, or between student and the educational institution, or other relationships.

I/We understand and assume any and all risks related to my participation in this program, and I/We agree to release and hold harmless Hospitalité Canada Ltd. and each of their respective employees, agents, and representatives from any and all liability of claims should any injury, loss, or damage occur during this homestay or any other service offered.

I/We understand that if I/we participate in this program that I/we will purchase my/our own insurance whether medical, emergency, liability, damage, home, vehicle and/or any other types of insurance which may be necessary, should any claims, damages or penalties arise. Students should contact their own your insurance broker, travel agent, or insurance provider for more details.

I/We undertand that Hospitalité Canada Ltd. does not assume any responsibility for any injuries, losses, damages, problems or accidents that might occur during a homestay or a program. I/We further understand that any actions that take place among the homestay family, educational institution and student are not sanctioned by Hospitalité Canada Ltd. nor do I hold Hospitalité Canada Ltd. responsible for any reason.

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